Understanding the International Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit organization that was established back in 1922. It teaches its pupils about the wisdom and teachings of Kabbalah. It aims to give people interested in the discipline the tools they need to improve themselves, their lives, and remove chaos from their environment.
What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is an old and esoteric method, school of thought, or discipline that traces its origin from Judaism. Kabbalah’ definitions vary according to the aims and traditions of its followers. This is because it has been influenced by the original Judaism religion, occultist syncretic adaptations, and the new age Christian religion.

Kabbalah attempts to explain the intricate relationship between Ein Sof (infinity) that is mysterious and unchanging, with God’s finite and mortal creation. Though not an independent religion, Kabbalah forms the foundation of several mystical religious interpretations. It seeks to define issues like the nature of man and the universe, the purpose of existence as well as other ontological issues. In presenting students with the methods that aid understanding of key concepts, it allows them to attain spiritual realization.

The Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center is an international organization that has its headquarters in the city of Los Angeles, California. It provides interested people with courses on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar.

Today, the Kabbalah Center has 50 established global locations with over 5,000 people studying on a weekly basis. The Kabbalah teaching course contains lectures, books, downloads, DVD’s, CD’s and prayer services. The Kabbalah Center teachings are based on Zohar. This is a fundamental sacred text that teaches Kabbalistic wisdom and writings from some of the greatest kabbalists in the world. Zohar also decodes the universal spiritual mysteries and systems described in the Torah.

The center was started by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in Jerusalem. He was succeeded by Rav Yehuda Brandwein and later Rav Berg. Today, Rav Berg is still the center’s director and is assisted by his wife, Karen Berg, and their sons, Michael and Yehuda.