Rick Smith Helping Enhance the Market Reputation of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is one of the smartest executives in the correctional field and is the CEO of Securus Technologies, one of the most well-known correctional firms in the market today. Securus Technologies has a vast customer base and provides its services to more than 1.3 million inmates across North America.

Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies in 20008 and since then has helped the company multiply its revenue in many different ways. Rick Smith has not only helped in enhancing the revenue generation of the company but has also helped with expanding the company and its assets. One of the recent business moves made by Rick Smith that has put Securus Technologies to the top spot in the industry is the acquisition of Jpay Inc. Read more articles at securustech.net.

Jpay Inc is a company that offers a wide range of services through its mobile application that the inmates can download on their phone. One of the most sought-after services provided by Jpay was the money transfer service, followed by education programs; jobs search program, skill enhancement programs, and more. The kind of the services provided by Jpay has helped Securus Technologies to enhance their service portfolio significantly. Rick Smith is one of the leading names in the industry and has assisted in the overall development of Securus Technologies as a pioneer in the correctional field. He is the man with a vision, and it is through his statesmanship that the company currently holds over 70 patents to its name, which is a figure that is undoubtedly going to increase shortly.

Rick Smith has worked for several years at Integral Telecom and Eschelon Telecom before joining Securus Technologies in 2008. It speaks a lot about his experience in the telecom sector, which is one of the reasons why the inmate communication service department of the Securus Technologies has flourished massively since the time Rick Smith joined the company. Rick Smith knows and understands the demands of the consumers well and thanks to his engineering background, he can program how to provide the customers with the solution they need. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

It is his vision and leadership skills that have helped Securus Technologies one of the most preferred correctional firms in the industry today. It has also won the highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau because Rick Smith has not only focused on the revenue and product development but has also streamlined its business machinery completely. It has ensured that the company’s performance increases significantly and the customers can get value for money services. Rick Smith has made a massive contribution to the growth of Securus Technologies and he has certainly ensured that the company doesn’t only reach the top spot in the industry, but also stays there for a long time to come.

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Kenneth Goodgame for Professional Marketing

This is why a professional known as Kenneth Goodgame is one of the best out there and has been a wonderful asset to many owners of businesses in the past. The way that he works is by allowing you to take it easy while he does all of the marketing and retail merchandising for you, and this allows you to have a well-run business that you can feel confident in showing to the public.

Once you make the decision to hire Kenneth Goodgame, he will be able to take your entire business into consideration and do all of the work that needs to be done. Lots of people have been hiring this professional for their own needs and it is something that you might want to consider as well if you have been struggling to run your own company. There are many different types of people who make use of Kenneth Goodgame and this is why it could be a good idea for you if you have been having issues with the marketing associated with your business.

There are so many benefits to hiring Kenneth Goodgame and this is a professional you can trust with all of your marketing needs. He has a lot of experience in this field and has helped thousands of other business owners very much like yourself with the issues they have been dealing with on their own. One of the most important ways for you to do this is marketing and it could be difficult to do on your own if you have a lot of other things to deal with at the moment. Goodgame is one of the best professionals out there for you to choose and his competitive rates make it easy for you to afford hiring him for his services without feeling like it is going to be too expensive for you and your budget.

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Eric “Philanthropist” Pulier Melds His Brain with His Heart to Remain Successful

As unfortunate as it may be, most successful people have rarely done anything throughout their lives to benefit others. While triumphant individuals should never sacrifice their ability to continue their business doings, they should undoubtedly find a way to meld both their career and philanthropy. This very concept can not only be attributed to Eric Pulier’s career but has supported it in its entirety.

The New Jersey native has always been incredibly intelligence. In fact, when Eric Pulier was in the fourth grade, he was programming computers. When he became older and realized that he could combine his passion that he was surprisingly good at with business, he developed a database computer company in high school. From there, he attended Harvard University in 1991. Upon graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to begin using his degree for the greater good.

Upon finding People Doing Things (PTD) in 1994, Pulier placed a heavy focus on areas of the country that needed improvement, including education, health care, and the general manner in which people opt to be philanthropic.

Conclusively, few people have brains; even fewer people have brains that are easily outweighed by their hearts. Pulier has found a way to combine his brains and his heart, and his multiple establishments have bettered the country and, to some degree, the world. As he continues to strive each day and adapt to the evolution of technology, his capabilities expand and so does his undying passion for helping others in ways that they need it the absolute most.

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