FreedomPop Makes Strong Mark in the Mobile Phone World

The costs of subscribing to a mobile phone or internet service seem to be going up and up. No one wants to deal with the ridiculously high costs associated with roaming charges or other fees, but few have other choices. Well, they did not have any other choices until the arrival of FreedomPop on the scene. After reading a FreedomPop review, some may end up being outright shocked at the incredible deals and savings this company provides. Even smartphones — outstanding ones — can be purchased for far lower than what retail outlets charge.


Buying an inexpensive smartphone is nice and all, but this is not the main reason why people look towards budget providers. The seek out budget providers in order to cut down on the excessive costs associated with 3G or 4G service. FreedomPop has a solution for those in need of cutting costs.


FreedomPop’s executives realizes there was a huge niche out there. The niche comprised of people desperately in need of cutting their mobile phone and internet use.


FreedomPop delivered the most cost-effective solution of all. The company provides 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data for free per month. As long as the subscriber has the SIM card required to access the service, the subscriber is good to go.


FreedomPop does realize some may need more allotments per month. This is the brilliance of the FreedomPop strategy. The company hopes to earn money from the upgrades customers choose to make. The free service will always remain free. There are no hidden charges or other issues involved. FreedomPop simply provides one plan for free and other expanded ones at a certain cost. No one need worry about the free service ceasing to be free at a certain point.


The company famously turned down an acquisition offer and chose to raise more funds to expand business endeavors instead. The owners see more potential in expanding the company than selling it off.


FreedomPop is definitely a company that is going to make news in the mobile, internet, and Wi-Fi industries for many years to come. The firm simply knows what millions of customers want and is doing its best to deliver.