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IAP is among the most revered global logistics and infrastructure services firms in the world. Many companies have humble beginnings, not IAP. They’ve been in the vanguard of technological infrastructure from day one. It all started with Pan Am Services Inc, a division of the storied airline bearing the same name. Charged with operating the first space launch platforms in Cape Canaveral Fl during the 50’s, the company provided crucial expertise, manpower and materiel on over 2500 launches. This included the Apollo missions and those of the space shuttle. These launches were and are still among mankind’s greatest technical achievements and IAP Worldwide Services is proud to have participated in it. That participation continues to the present. IAP is still headquartered in Cape Canaveral today.

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s Pan Am Services diversified into airport logistics and infrastructure management.

In 1989 Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls, at the time a major logistics and services provider to the US military. In addition to its operations oversees in support of US bases, it continued to expand its aviation services division.

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Shortly thereafter, in 1990, IAP was founded to fulfill one contract for a US Army base in Saudi Arabia. Quickly gaining a reputation for efficiency and competence, IAP established itself as a leading contractor during Operation Desert Storm. IAP’s expert and professional staff has parlayed those early contracts into a booming business. By 2004 IAP’s portfolio had expanded to over 370 million dollars in government contracts. IAP is now the US government’s service provider of choice for tasks ranging from mobile power generation, to disaster relief to war zone procurement and logistics.

In 2005 IAP merged with Johnson Controls, forming one of the most important logistics and infrastructure services companies in the world.

IAP has continued to make strategic acquisitions. In 2006 they bough G3 Systems Ltd, a British firm on prnewswire.com that designs, operates, delivers and maintains heavy equipment and associated infrastructure on a global scale.

Today IAP is a highly diversified services firm with over 1600 employees operating in 20 countries across the planet. IAP Worldwide Services is responsible for servicing over 175,000 troops stationed at bases across the United States and Middle East. As a services firm their core product is human capital. And since 1953 IAP and its subsidiaries have been staffed by those with the greatest talent, expertise and professionalism that can be found in their respective fields.

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