A Look At Jim Hunt And VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Financial Advisor for VTA Publications. VTA Publications, which is located in the United Kingdom, published distance learning material about the financial markets and investing. The information that they publish is written by Jim Hunt as well as industry experts from around the globe. Additionally, VTA Publications is an event organizer for specialty financial genres.

With VTA Publications, Jim Hunt seeks to inform investors how to make money regardless of market conditions. He also operates an active YouTube channel where he discusses his latest investments and this methodology behind the trades he makes. His YouTube videos are targeted towards the average investor and so don’t require knowing any financial industry technical jargon in order to understand what he is talking about.

Some of Hunt’s YouTube videos are part of his “How To Make Mum A Millionaire” where he showed how he would make his mother a millionaire in just 10 trades on vtapublications.co.uk. He said that all he needed to do was start with a thousand pounds and then double it with each trade; that adds up to 1 million pounds.

Hunt spent most of his career in the banking industry. He
founded his firm as a way to show people how banks really operate, and it’s not in the interests of its customers on dumbfunded.co.uk. He decided to show people how they could handle their own portfolios instead of relying on the banks.

He has said one thing that really interests him lately is what’s happening in the biotechnology industry on vtapublications.co.uk. He has been following industry news and says that there will be medical breakthroughs happening over the next twenty years that will astound people. Another thing Hunt is interested in is human psychology, which he says is useful for him to study as, his being an entrepreneur, he seeks to figure out what people have a problem with so he can provide a solution to it.