Freedom Checks Top reasons why they are a Wise Investment

Investing your hard earned money is one of the best ways to become rich. If you just let your money remain in your bank account, it will never grow. You need to find new ways to invest your money wisely. There are so many options out there that it can sometimes be confusing to understand which ones of them are legit and beneficial. There has been one investment plan that has been doing the rounds – Freedom Checks. There is an ad that has Matt Badiali holding a check for a significant amount of money. Ever since the ad has come up, most people have termed the scheme as a scam because it feels like too good to be a true scheme. But, the truth is that that Freedom Checks are real, and they can help you earn a lot of money if you are ready to invest in them.Read this article at

It is mainly those people who do not understand anything about investment who termed Freedom Checks as a scam. There are also people who do not know Matt Badiali and the reason why he is the most educated person to be talking about such as scheme. Matt Badiali is a well-known investment expert who has years of experience in the industry. He has a degree in Bachelor of Science from Penn State University. He then went to Florida Atlantic University to earn his Masters of Science in Geology. Due to his nature of work, he has traveled all around the country and has interacted with experts in the field that has helped him gain access to information most people do not know about.

Freedom Checks is one such investment that ordinary people has little idea about. Even though it is not issued by the government, it is as legit as it can be. The companies that issue these checks are not giving them away for free. These are in fact investments made by you, and you get returns on them. What one needs to do is commit to these investments, and they would be able to receive checks every month as payout after some time. Matt Badiali has conducted research on his own and has managed to come to a conclusion that it is one of the best investments that can get you high returns. One can also get tax cut on the money that they receive as it is not your income but return on investments. To learn more about freedom checks, visit:



Academy of Art University Shines at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the best places to discover new talent and setting the standards for the future in trends and fashion. The Academy of Art University has been featured for twenty one years in a row, establishing the school as a major voice in discovering and showcasing talent, especially from diverse communities.

Designers from the Academy of Art University hailed from all over the world, from mainland China to across the United States from coast to coast, stunning Fashion Week with their innovative takes on silhouettes and craftsmanship. Among their peers and the experts attending the show, Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, CFDA Director of Education and Professional Development were also majorly impressed with the Academy of Arts work.

Among the featured pieces included a bold and futuristic look from Hailun Zhou, completing an MFA in Fashion Design at the university, who was inspired by her observations from a concept class. Zhou used vinyl and PVC pipes among other materials to create a sleek and streamlined look. Another promising new talent, EdinSlezin from the Bay Area, also completing an MFA in Fashion Design, dabbled in a new look with denim wear and the unique individuals in San Francisco.

The Academy of Art is one of the most premier art schools in the United States, and is one of the largest private design schools. Since 1929 this university has grown from its initial beginnings as a school for advertising art to a beacon for art in all mediums. With over thirty areas of study, students enjoy an immersive and enriching environment in the bustling city of San Francisco and a capable and creative staff of professionals.

The faculty at the Academy of Art University are more than just professionals; they are mentors and experts in their own fields, ready to engage with aspiring artists in their chosen field, whether it’s web design, writing for film and television, fashion, or more. Students who wish to pursue a creative field but are unsure of a specialty can also discover their passions.

A Supportive Network For Patients And Dentists Alike

Working for large companies can often times lead people to become disillusioned with their career path as their idealistic desires fast become occluded by the pressure of the corporate agenda. Most of us have to, however, work for large companies for at least a while before we can branch out on our own. When asked, Dr. Chris Steven Villaneuva states that having had experience at larger dental companies gave him the necessary experience to start his own dental business, MB2, so that he could use all of that experience without compromising his professional principles. He just decided he wanted to do it his way, and this is a calling for many who feel they could do it better on their own.

Dr. Villanueva decided to make MB2 Dental a different type of operation where a group of dentists could support each other to achieve a better outcome. As a result of his broad, entrepreneurial thoughts on how to deliver dental services to people in a better manner, he now has successfully supported over 70 dentists across half a dozen states. In addition, he has had a direct impact on employment, having put to work over 500 people since his dental operation was started.

Dental is one of the parts of healthcare in the United States where people are disproportionately underserved. Even those with good benefits programs through their employers find that their dental insurance is not exactly comprehensive. Dr. Villaneuva felt that if he could provide good support and tools to a team of dentists, it would give them the opportunity to do more for clients. If there is any kind of care more people need easier access to, it is dental, so on that note, Dr. Villaneuva is doing great work.

When asked what led him to decide to start MB2 Dental, this pragmatic dentist said there were only a few options for dentists, which was either join a large practice, or to go solo. The costs of going solo straight out of dental school are likely prohibitive. He decided to start his own practice, but with the idea of growing a network of dentists whom he could support with the latest trends in practice and standards, he would soon grow into a network.

Likely what separates Dr. Villaneuva’s practice from so many others is that he takes a lot of the legal and accounting functions away from the dentists in his network, allowing them to focus strictly on their profession, and he also gives them access to the latest technology. This allows these dentists to have greater speed-to-market, which leads to an enhanced experience for both patients and doctors alike.

Vision for the Future: Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. There were many ups and downs for Bob before he latched on to the idea of video email. He went to college at the University of South Florida. He wanted to become a police officer and graduated number one in his recruiting class. This was the first part of Bob Reina’s life.

One day Bob Reina was trying to send a video to a friend and was not able to do it. That gave him an idea, The idea was to make video conferencing and video email much easier for businesses and individuals. That was how his company Talk Fusion was born. Bob Reina saw a need and wanted to fill it. Now he has just released a new version of a product called Live Meetings. Here is what it is all about.

This new version of Live Meetings has some improvements over older versions of the product. The new product can enable meetings to take place all over the world for fifteen to five hundred people at a time.They can use tablets, smartphones, or computers in order to accomplish this. One of the biggest improvements is that this new version does not need a separate download in order to work. No other software is needed for this new version of Live Meetings. That makes conferencing much easier and more productive for businesses.

One of the things that Bob Reina stressed that he wanted for this new product was the latest in technology. He has found the new technology with a platform called WebRTC. One of the big advantages of the WebRTC is that makes conferences and meeting much more efficient. This way businesses can get more things done during meetings and not have to wait for any lags in communication between participants.

Using this new product was the vision of Bob Reina and his team. He saw a need for business and individuals and filled it in a big way. That is due to the determination of Bob Reina. A product like this is his vision for the future. Learn more: