Todd Lubar Predicts Exponential Growth For the Real Estate Market

A flourishing economy is often times predicated on the impact that innovative technologies have on society. These innovations are usually the result of a radically new form of tech that is not implemented by a nation’s government but through the efforts of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. In the past, the steam engine became one of the most influential technologies created, changing the ways in which we travel, while also decreasing the time periods and costs associated with it. Increased jobs are often the result of these innovations, which, while they disrupt existing industries, often provide new jobs to replace the ones that they have rendered obsolete. With the rapid development of new forms of tech, modern times can be considered the golden age of innovation.

One of the sectors that seem to be in line to change the course of human history, is the smart home. By combining the internet of things, which belongs to the tech sector, with the real estate market, the future of both can be drastically changed for the future. By adopting smart tech within the home, areas such as lighting and climate control can be handled remotely through virtual assistants, making taking care of the home easier than ever. Smart homes also offer increased accessibility for people with compromised movement due to handicaps. Maneuvering around the home, utilizing things such as voice-activated light switches, increase the capability to those with physical handicaps, making independent living much more possible than in the past. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University, garnering his Bachelor of the Arts degree in 1995. Today he is a prominent real estate investor, working in the New Jersey area, who utilizes the rapid innovations in the tech sector to predict changes within the real estate market due to the growing demand for smart homes. Throughout his career, Mr. Todd Lubar has worked with a number of reputable organizations, including Crestar Mortgage, where he stayed from 1995 to 1999, before joining Legacy Financial Group. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, and also works as the Senior VP with Legendary Investments. Check out Yelp for more info.

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