Rick Smith Helping Enhance the Market Reputation of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is one of the smartest executives in the correctional field and is the CEO of Securus Technologies, one of the most well-known correctional firms in the market today. Securus Technologies has a vast customer base and provides its services to more than 1.3 million inmates across North America.

Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies in 20008 and since then has helped the company multiply its revenue in many different ways. Rick Smith has not only helped in enhancing the revenue generation of the company but has also helped with expanding the company and its assets. One of the recent business moves made by Rick Smith that has put Securus Technologies to the top spot in the industry is the acquisition of Jpay Inc. Read more articles at securustech.net.

Jpay Inc is a company that offers a wide range of services through its mobile application that the inmates can download on their phone. One of the most sought-after services provided by Jpay was the money transfer service, followed by education programs; jobs search program, skill enhancement programs, and more. The kind of the services provided by Jpay has helped Securus Technologies to enhance their service portfolio significantly. Rick Smith is one of the leading names in the industry and has assisted in the overall development of Securus Technologies as a pioneer in the correctional field. He is the man with a vision, and it is through his statesmanship that the company currently holds over 70 patents to its name, which is a figure that is undoubtedly going to increase shortly.

Rick Smith has worked for several years at Integral Telecom and Eschelon Telecom before joining Securus Technologies in 2008. It speaks a lot about his experience in the telecom sector, which is one of the reasons why the inmate communication service department of the Securus Technologies has flourished massively since the time Rick Smith joined the company. Rick Smith knows and understands the demands of the consumers well and thanks to his engineering background, he can program how to provide the customers with the solution they need. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

It is his vision and leadership skills that have helped Securus Technologies one of the most preferred correctional firms in the industry today. It has also won the highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau because Rick Smith has not only focused on the revenue and product development but has also streamlined its business machinery completely. It has ensured that the company’s performance increases significantly and the customers can get value for money services. Rick Smith has made a massive contribution to the growth of Securus Technologies and he has certainly ensured that the company doesn’t only reach the top spot in the industry, but also stays there for a long time to come.

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Fabletics: Successfully Using the Reverse Showroom Technique

Fabletics is one of the most popular online retail shops in the world today. The company was initially founded as a startup by Kate Hudson, a well-known American actress, and she never imagined that the company would significantly grow into a $250 million business. Being an online retailer, the company is competing for head-on with the online retail giant Amazon, which currently controls over 20% of the industry. The primary product offered by Fabletics is stylish athletic wear aimed to be sold to women of all races and sizes, and the company have made a massive following after their establishment. Aside from creating high-quality products, the company is also focusing on building strategies and techniques on how they can dominate the market. The unique strategies are proven to be effective, as Fabletics is already breaking into the realm where Amazon has dominated in the past. One of the most effective technique that Fabletics developed over the years would be the reverse showroom technique.


The practice is frowned upon by merchants and entrepreneurs who own physical stores. According to them, reverse showroom technique allows people to come inside their shops, look for an item that they wanted, but the customers would end up not buying the product because they will be searching for a similar item online that is being sold for a lower price. Fabletics developed a strategy that will transform the dreaded technique into one of their assets to grow.


Fabletics both have physical and online stores. Before someone can buy any item sold at Fabletics, they would have to be a member first. The things that their customers are purchasing inside their physical stores are synchronized online, and more than a third of the people visiting their physical stores are already members. On the other hand, one-fourth of customers visiting their physical stores are becoming members of the shop because of the perks and discounts that are being offered by their friendly staff. This practice resulted to their purchases being tracked down online and offline, and if the customer saw an item at their physical store and searched for it online, the first result that would appear would still come from the Fabletics online store. Additionally, the member would get the best deals possible because of the perks that they get from being a Fabletics member. The company is expecting that more people will be signing up to join one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States today.

How Does The French Tribune Feel About Equities First Holdings?

The French Tribune releases reports on European businesses every year, and they have made a nice report about Equities First Holdings. This company is a special lender that actually uses stock based loans to help people. They never ask people to make a presentation to get their loan, and they have an accessible online system that anyone can use.

It is very easy for people to find a loan that they need through this company because it helps the people who come in get their loans faster. The loans that people get could be really small, or they could be much larger. Large companies can get these loans, or the small investing partner can get one. Everyone needs something that is going to help them have more cash flow, and that is why Equities First Holdings is the right place to go. This company has perfected the small business experience surrounding lending.