Attorney Karl Heideck Is Fighting Philadelphia’s New Tax Laws

A new tax recently took effect in Philadelphia. This tax is noted as soda tax. It creates an extra tax on any beverage that contains sugar. The government has already made a ton of money from this new tax, and Attorney Karl Heideck is very upset about this.

Attorney Karl Heideck does not understand why the government has to tax beverages that contain sugar, especially since residents of Philadelphia buy at least one beverage every day that contains sugar. Karl Heideck believes the government could have taxed the people of Philadelphia in another area. Attorney Heideck is doing his best to get this tax reversed.

Attorney Karl Heideck has been presenting motions and proposed orders to the court regarding this issue. Though the tax still exists, Karl Heideck believes the government is starting to understand his point. What Karl Heideck wants the government to understand is that there is a big gap between high-income Philadelphia residents and low-income Philadelphia residents.

High=income Philadelphia residents live in the suburbs, and the stores in the suburbs have chosen not to implement this tax. However, that is not so with the stores in the downtown area of Philadelphia. This means the wealthy people will not have to pay the soda tax, and the poor people will have no choice but to pay it. Karl Heideck believes poor people have no choice because most poor people in Philadelphia can’t even afford a bus ride, so there is no way they are making it to the suburbs.

Attorney Karl Heideck is planning to have several live television talks about this issue. He is hoping all the people of Philadelphia will support him on this issue, especially those who are less fortunate financially.

Attorney Heideck is a man of the law and a man of the public. Bere getting his law degree from the Beasley School of Law, which is a branch of Temple University, Karl Heideck received a B.A. in English and Communications from Swarthmore College. When not representing the public in court, Attorney Karl Heideck has a passion for writing. He runs several blogs that inform people about new government laws, how people can get free legal advice, and what Philadelphia needs to do to become stronger as a city. Attorney Karl Heideck also writes guides for small businesses. These guides are created mainly to battle the economic crisis that is crippling small businesses in Philadelphia. Learn more:

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