Richard Mishaan Design; an Epitome of Chic Interiors

Richard Mishaan Design is quite famous because of their expansive styles. Richard is a prominent designer who combines his knowledge and passion for fashion with his cultural roots. Mishaan was born in Colombia, a region appreciated for its vibrant designs. After graduating with a BA from New York University and pursuing architecture from Columbia University, Mr. Richard Mishaan was lucky to join Philip Johnson’s offices where he started apprenticing. If you want to understand more about Richard Mishaan Design, you should check with his site. There are a variety of impressive interiors for residential, commercial, and hospitality clients.

Richard is an Ideal Designer for All Scopes of Projects

You understand that interior design and architecture go hand in hand. This tells you why Richard has grown to become an accomplished designer with a global touch. He earned his certification by passing every phase now that he is a competent design expert. Most people refer to him as an expansive individual because of his excellent mastery of the industry. People who are fond of Richard Mishaan Design will tell you that his delight lies in quality and luxury. Their selections are unique because they integrate a modern taste with a traditional feel. One thing that influences their designs is Richard’s zeal for his trade.

Richard Mishaan Design is a One Stop Premise for Every Homeowner

On visiting Richard’s site, you will realize that there is all you require for your home. He offers a wide array of decorative objects and furniture for modern homes. At Richard Mishaan Design, you get everything you need to pimp your haven. Richard’s brand has successfully handled partnerships in five different licensing categories. Richard extends his knowledge to the world through his publications, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury.


For Todd Lubar, a Combination of Will and Experience Is the Key to Success

Todd Lubar, the senior VP of Legendary Investments and president of TDL Global Ventures, is a businessman and entrepreneur that prides himself on more than 20 years in real estate. Todd Lubar previously worked in numerous industries ranging from construction and entertainment to mortgage banking. He strives to assist other people to become homeowners. Todd Lubar continues to be in the top 25 under the section of mortgage originators.

Todd Lubar’s idea to start TDL Global Ventures resulted from his passion for assisting people to fulfill their dreams of owning houses after his 20 years in the credit and finance sector. Through TDL Global Ventures, he could provide relief to consumers by eliminating the hindrances that kept people from obtaining loans.

Todd Lubar has to check his emails and feed on Inspirery before going out to work after breakfast. He says that the news helps him put his day into perspective and set priorities. He also works out before the job to help him energize and clear his head for work. Todd’s will to make things happen is his strategy of putting his many ideas to life. Todd Lubar’s experience in real estate complemented by his way enables him to be successful in mortgage banking.

Todd Lubar appreciates the improvement in technology regarding remote home entities. He keeps himself hyper-organized and tries to be conversant with every aspect of his business which enables make well informed decisions. Todd Lubar encourages others to surround themselves with people could challenge them and promote their growth. He desires to continually build a culture of honest communication and trust within his business.

From 1977 to 1987, Todd schooled at Sidwell Friends School and later joined Peddie School in New Jersey. He graduated with a degree in speech communication from Syracuse University. Todd started his career with Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995 to 1999 when he joined Legacy Financial Group. He helped the company transform its Maryland office into a production unit offering numerous $100 million in loan volumes. He primarily focuses on the mortgage industry but also has vast experience in other industries such as demolition, recycling, nightclub, and real estate sectors.

Attorney Karl Heideck Is Fighting Philadelphia’s New Tax Laws

A new tax recently took effect in Philadelphia. This tax is noted as soda tax. It creates an extra tax on any beverage that contains sugar. The government has already made a ton of money from this new tax, and Attorney Karl Heideck is very upset about this.

Attorney Karl Heideck does not understand why the government has to tax beverages that contain sugar, especially since residents of Philadelphia buy at least one beverage every day that contains sugar. Karl Heideck believes the government could have taxed the people of Philadelphia in another area. Attorney Heideck is doing his best to get this tax reversed.

Attorney Karl Heideck has been presenting motions and proposed orders to the court regarding this issue. Though the tax still exists, Karl Heideck believes the government is starting to understand his point. What Karl Heideck wants the government to understand is that there is a big gap between high-income Philadelphia residents and low-income Philadelphia residents.

High=income Philadelphia residents live in the suburbs, and the stores in the suburbs have chosen not to implement this tax. However, that is not so with the stores in the downtown area of Philadelphia. This means the wealthy people will not have to pay the soda tax, and the poor people will have no choice but to pay it. Karl Heideck believes poor people have no choice because most poor people in Philadelphia can’t even afford a bus ride, so there is no way they are making it to the suburbs.

Attorney Karl Heideck is planning to have several live television talks about this issue. He is hoping all the people of Philadelphia will support him on this issue, especially those who are less fortunate financially.

Attorney Heideck is a man of the law and a man of the public. Bere getting his law degree from the Beasley School of Law, which is a branch of Temple University, Karl Heideck received a B.A. in English and Communications from Swarthmore College. When not representing the public in court, Attorney Karl Heideck has a passion for writing. He runs several blogs that inform people about new government laws, how people can get free legal advice, and what Philadelphia needs to do to become stronger as a city. Attorney Karl Heideck also writes guides for small businesses. These guides are created mainly to battle the economic crisis that is crippling small businesses in Philadelphia. Learn more: