Todd Lubar Explains The Housing Market In Baltimore

Baltimore has been termed as the Charm City, mainly by the young professionals. This is because an increasing number of young professionals are opting for living in this space. Todd Lubar projects that this trend is going to continue. But how the economy continues to rebound is also a factor that will impact this trend heavily.

Since there is a large presence of young professionals in Baltimore, hence the demand for apartment options continues to rise. The real estate developers are turning the older buildings into apartments that are refurbished and serve as high-class options for the city residents. This way there are several apartments as well as condominium options today.

Todd further explains that Baltimore is focusing on expanding and improving public transportation. This will make the city friendlier for those who work here and wish to live downtown. This will pave the way for the metropolitan areas growing at a faster rate as more of the suburban dwellers will be able to travel to the city for work without the need of parking charges as an additional expense.

Even the business community is going to bloom in Baltimore. Several initiatives have been taken across the state for improving the business environment by helping companies to relocate or open here. This is why even the start-up companies are doing quite well.

Also, Baltimore is supportive of new businesses. It is attracting top talent from all the surrounding areas that come here and helps to grow these companies.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar claims that the cost of living is not high and not expected to rise in a significant manner. This is why Baltimore is being preferred over Washington, D.C. lifestyle. These new housings being developed for the young professionals will include more amenities than what the city residents have been used to. This is because real estate developers will be catering to a younger crowd who want their work place and play area in relative proximity. Next, they would be looking for quick access to restaurants as well as luxury shopping. Besides, several affordable options will be available for families too. You can visit his Facebook page


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