Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr believes in magic, that it real and is all around us. She is also excited about technology. But, for Scarr, those two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

As a former executive producer, Scarr supervised teams from five people to over 200, in development of a number of productions across varied subject matter. This encompassed creative development as well as technical production, along with additional experience in advertising.


Bridget has stated that she loves content in all forms and feels it has the power to change the world. Wanting to shift gears, career-wise, she started Colibri Studios. This is where Bridget can bring her own creative ideas to the fore and develop them, whether virtual reality, augmented reality, digital content, TV projects or interactive exhibits.


At Colibri, Scarr is hands on with regard to daily development, bringing projects to fruition in conjunction with project partners and broadcasters world-wide.

Bridget has fashioned a workday that many would be happy to have. After breakfast with her family, there is a short ride to work during which she gives all her attention to her current projects. She works from 9 to 12 with full intensity. Home for lunch with family. Then, basically, work flex time from 2 onward.


Her belief in magic seems pretty straightforward when you consider her current project working with augmented reality. Simply, Scarr will be piecing together historical facts and fiction, along with real landmarks and monuments, in order for a person to immerge themselves in a scenario that will allow for increased understanding of, and relation to, history. Additionally, Scarr believes both virtual and augmented reality can be useful tools to educate, providing tactile learning. She also see this technology as adding to museum experiences. Bridget has stated that “the beauty of VR is that it literally transports you.”


Scarr brings to her life and work an attitude of gratefulness. She meditates both morning and evening, knowing that this daily observance has improved her life. She is multi-creative across the board and is currently writing her first novel and working on her first album. Bridget is a firm believer in just taking time out, saying that these episodes nuture her creativity, provide inspiration and sometimes promotes better ideas.


The advice she would give her younger self, or others, sums up Bridget Scarr: “Eliminate fear. Trust your journey, believe in yourself and your God-given gifts.”


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