Bruno Fagali And Law In Brazil

Bruno Forge Fagali is one of the most reliable lawyers you can find in Brazil. He is known for his unique approach to legal matters. He always puts the interests of his clients first.

Brazil has been recording a very high number of law schools in the recent past. This has led to the number of lawyers being churned out to be at an all-time high. Brazil being a very populous country demands a lot in terms of legal representation. Brazil is also known to have a conservative legal system and only trained lawyers can be able to interpret it. Brazil being a business hub records a high number of new businesses every year. The proliferation of these businesses comes with the issue of compliance. Every business is required to be compliant with the laws of the land. This makes the work of business-related litigation in Brazil a lucrative career.

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In Brazil, a lawyer is required to possess a strong educational background. According to the regulations set out by the bar association of Brazil, a lawyer should first hold a degree in legal studies from a recognized university. Then he or she is required to join a law school after which he sits for a bar examination. Only those who pass the bar examination get a chance to be recognized as lawyers.

Bruno Fagali as a lawyer has complied with all these regulations and that’s the reason he is able to represent clients in a court of law. Bruno Fagali holds a degree from the Pontifical University. He then joined the University of Sao Paulo for a master’s degree. Bruno majors in anti-corruption and administrative law.

Bruno Fagali is a board member of the SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics). He also acts as an associate of BDEE (Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics).


Todd Lubar Explains The Housing Market In Baltimore

Baltimore has been termed as the Charm City, mainly by the young professionals. This is because an increasing number of young professionals are opting for living in this space. Todd Lubar projects that this trend is going to continue. But how the economy continues to rebound is also a factor that will impact this trend heavily.

Since there is a large presence of young professionals in Baltimore, hence the demand for apartment options continues to rise. The real estate developers are turning the older buildings into apartments that are refurbished and serve as high-class options for the city residents. This way there are several apartments as well as condominium options today.

Todd further explains that Baltimore is focusing on expanding and improving public transportation. This will make the city friendlier for those who work here and wish to live downtown. This will pave the way for the metropolitan areas growing at a faster rate as more of the suburban dwellers will be able to travel to the city for work without the need of parking charges as an additional expense.

Even the business community is going to bloom in Baltimore. Several initiatives have been taken across the state for improving the business environment by helping companies to relocate or open here. This is why even the start-up companies are doing quite well.

Also, Baltimore is supportive of new businesses. It is attracting top talent from all the surrounding areas that come here and helps to grow these companies.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar claims that the cost of living is not high and not expected to rise in a significant manner. This is why Baltimore is being preferred over Washington, D.C. lifestyle. These new housings being developed for the young professionals will include more amenities than what the city residents have been used to. This is because real estate developers will be catering to a younger crowd who want their work place and play area in relative proximity. Next, they would be looking for quick access to restaurants as well as luxury shopping. Besides, several affordable options will be available for families too. You can visit his Facebook page


Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr believes in magic, that it real and is all around us. She is also excited about technology. But, for Scarr, those two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

As a former executive producer, Scarr supervised teams from five people to over 200, in development of a number of productions across varied subject matter. This encompassed creative development as well as technical production, along with additional experience in advertising.


Bridget has stated that she loves content in all forms and feels it has the power to change the world. Wanting to shift gears, career-wise, she started Colibri Studios. This is where Bridget can bring her own creative ideas to the fore and develop them, whether virtual reality, augmented reality, digital content, TV projects or interactive exhibits.


At Colibri, Scarr is hands on with regard to daily development, bringing projects to fruition in conjunction with project partners and broadcasters world-wide.

Bridget has fashioned a workday that many would be happy to have. After breakfast with her family, there is a short ride to work during which she gives all her attention to her current projects. She works from 9 to 12 with full intensity. Home for lunch with family. Then, basically, work flex time from 2 onward.


Her belief in magic seems pretty straightforward when you consider her current project working with augmented reality. Simply, Scarr will be piecing together historical facts and fiction, along with real landmarks and monuments, in order for a person to immerge themselves in a scenario that will allow for increased understanding of, and relation to, history. Additionally, Scarr believes both virtual and augmented reality can be useful tools to educate, providing tactile learning. She also see this technology as adding to museum experiences. Bridget has stated that “the beauty of VR is that it literally transports you.”


Scarr brings to her life and work an attitude of gratefulness. She meditates both morning and evening, knowing that this daily observance has improved her life. She is multi-creative across the board and is currently writing her first novel and working on her first album. Bridget is a firm believer in just taking time out, saying that these episodes nuture her creativity, provide inspiration and sometimes promotes better ideas.


The advice she would give her younger self, or others, sums up Bridget Scarr: “Eliminate fear. Trust your journey, believe in yourself and your God-given gifts.”


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Customers Say a Big Thank You to Securus Technology

Securus Technology provides a solution for preventing and solving crime. It provides technology that is useful in improving public safety. Securus Technology is popular for being the leading provider of civil justice technology solutions. The technology is used in correctional facilities for a number of activities which are; investigation, monitoring, and public safety. The comments by customers on the use of technology in preventing crimes has been sampled in different forms of communication that include emails and formal letters received in United States from prison officials. The messages are from the officials who have a responsibility of preventing crimes and making the environment a safer and better place for the residents.


Every week a new service is developed to facilitate crime prevention and law enforcement as per the statement issued by Richard Smith who is the Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies. Securus Technology has received several letters and emails with regard to its products and services that are dedicated to keeping the society inclusive of correctional facilities safe places. Smith states that building safety is part of the work of Securus Technology and that it is an honour for the company to protect the community and serve them diligently.


Below are some of the sample customer comments on the services of Securus Technology;

One customer expresses gratitude for being able to use information gathered from tracking phone calls to get a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. Consequently, the offender was arrested with charges of introducing contraband.


Report from one of the correctional facilities indicates that it has relied on the technological solutions offered by Securus Technology for more than ten years. They appreciate the fact that Securus Technology is committed to progressively improving public safety. They are impressed by the vision of the company and its new investigative tools.