Brad Reifler: American Entrepreneur

Brad Reifler began his career as an investor and has increased his skill and reputation in this field both in America and around the world. As he steadily climbed the ranks in financial services he also continued to develop as an entrepreneur, starting multiple businesses along with subsidiaries within those companies.

As his career has continued to develop, the focus of his passion has changed as well. As you will read, Brad Reifler has recently changed his focus from helping the riches 1% of America get richer to helping “Middle America” or the remaining 99%.

In the early 1980s, Brad Reifler started his first company, Reifler Trading. During his time developing this firm he also became known around the world as a versatile financial services provider. He gained expertise in many different areas including but not limited to institutional research, information dissemination, and global derivative services. In 2000, Reifler’s company was purchased by Refco, Inc, the largest futures company in the world and a company founded by Reifler’s grandfather.

According to HuffingtonPost, it was in 1995 that Brad Reifler started a new company, Pali Capital, and his career would begin to take a new path. Pali Capital is where Reifler began his career transition. He built Pali Capital to a firm that employed over 300 people, had offices on four continents, and did in excess of $1 billion worth of commission income. His thirteen year tenure as CEO of Pali could be called nothing but a success. However, Reifler knew it was time to do something more.

After leaving Pali, Reifler started Forefront Capital, an investing firm focused on helping “Middle America.” Reifler pinpointed three major hurdles faced by small investors (info found at Trading and management fees charged by Wall Street firms is the first hurdle.

The second is access to investments, as only accredited investors have access to private funds. The third and final hurdle pinpointed by Reifler is stock market risk because almost all investments available to small investors are directly tied to the stock market. Brad Reifler started Forefront to fight against these hurdles and bring power back to the small investor.

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