Scout ahead Spearheading New Recruitment ways

Every business owner wants a successful enterprise where their employees are well trained and disciplined to take the industry to a higher level. Organizations all over the world have been following certain criteria to recruit their staff. The method being used by most of them is interviewing candidates and eliminating them one by one.

The old recruiting plan is slowly dying replacing it with the new process that enables the staff, and their managers interact freely. Companies like Scoutahead is using the new method to recruit their employees and improve the working condition of workers and build a brand for the organizations.

The tradition way of doing tasks in organizations has been criticized lately for its enormous and tiresome paperwork it generates. The method also hinders innovation, creativity as well as not endorsing a combined teamwork. The new recruiting process comes with several advantages which include:

  • Promoting talent management:  Managers who use the new recruiting method put their employees in a position that they can manage themselves well and this has helped in the personal growth of the employees. The growth is powered by adequate feedback from the supervisors.
  • The business policies have changed, and now organizations have a larger room for innovation, the realization of their goals that are known to be frequently changing, and projects have become short-term.

The tradition recital evaluation no longer makes sense in the current business, something that has led to the modification of the appraisal by the Human Resource Managers. Though most of the Human Resources Managers have not been able to engage their staff fully in the responsibility of the organization Scoutahead has realized the gap and purposed to fill it.

Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur and the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead and before establishing Scoutahead he founded and managed Chopper Trading. Ra j can be described as a go-getter because he started working while still in college as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His dedication and ambition made him climb the ladder to the post of Board at the Chicago Board of Trade. Scoutahead was founded in 2016; it is an internet startup organization with the primary purpose of spearheading employees growth and productivity.

Raj Fernando is a graduate of Beloit College and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Raj is also a graduate of the University College of London.

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