The 2016 New Establishment Summit Will Feature A Surprise: Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is best known for two things: the 2008 financial collapse, and CAD. No, Kyle Bass was not responsible for the meltdown of America’s financial district eight years ago; though he did play a part in setting things into motion. His fame from this time comes from financial decisions he made which were aimed against the success of sub-prime mortgages. He short sold and made a fortune when the financial banking system imploded in September of that year. He also became known internationally by the media for his successful gambit, and since then has become a regular personality on mainstream media outlets. He has used that presence in the media to help endorse his pseudo-humanitarian group CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses sneaky means to manipulate the stock market. Basically, they trick the sick into lobbying against big-ticket pharmaceuticals with an aim at price drops. When those price drops are successfully achieved, it forces a stock drop for the company targeted on Wall Street. Bass short sells his holdings at the appropriate moment and makes millions; meanwhile the big companies are forced to curtail low-ROI departments like R&D, and sick individuals are deprived of future breakthroughs that could have been only weeks away. Basically: Bass uses CAD to legally manipulate the stock market.

When these things are considered together, his attendance as a speaker at the 2016 New Establishment Summit is slightly disturbing. This year’s Summit will take place in San Francisco, and will feature high-profile individuals like’s CEO and the Vice President of Apple. That the Summit considers billionaire Kyle Bass to be in league with these gentleman demonstrates their lack of disapproval for his underhanded tactics. If the New Establishment supports undercutting the infirm in order to manipulate the stock market, that’s a very frightening prospect indeed. Considering the Summit’s speakers are sometimes internationally-sourced, a globalist putsch on their end wouldn’t be without the realm of reason. Read more about Kyle’s actual history on

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  1. That is especially concerning given global economic trends currently. What Kyle Bass will say at the Summit is unknown as yet, though the man’s presence should be enough to cast suspicion on the whole event. That alone would have made custom case study to get out what they need from these ones all of a sudden.

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