James Dondero Wise Investment in Pendrell

Mr. James Dondero has made an announcement of an 11 percent passive stake in Pendrell. It is safe to assume that this deal will work out for the best for him and Highland capital, putting in mind his skills in the finance industry. Dondero is known to make investment decisions based on reliable information. It is certain, when it comes to Pendrell, that he has made a good choice to invest.

James Dondero is Co-Founder and President of (HCM) Highland Capital Management and currently lives in Dallas, TX. His experience in the equity and credit markets spreads over thirty years. His focus on the equity and credit market fields has been on distressed and high-yield investing. Under the leadership of Mr. Dondero, Highland Capital Management has been a pioneer in developing credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors internationally and development of CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation Market). Award winning product offerings include institutional separate accounts, private equity funds, CLOs, hedge funds, mutual funds, REITs, and EFTs.

Dondero also plays other roles in the society. He serves as chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. In addition to the above, Mr. Dondero is an active philanthropist. He is a big supporter of initiatives in education, public policy and veteran affairs. Mr. Dondero’s career traces back to 1984 at Morgan Guaranty training program where he worked as an analyst. In 1985, he moved to American Express where he worked up to 1989 as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager. After exiting American Express, Dondero joined GIC subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer. He helped grow the company to a worth of over two billion U.S dollars between 1989 and 1993. His success in his career is attributed to his rich education background.  Additionally, Mr. James Dondero is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant.

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  1. He graduated with the highest honors (Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma) with dual majors in Finance and Accounting from the Mclntire School Business. I know for sure that superior paper do have these things in store for them and also make sure everything works out really well.

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