A Look At Jim Hunt And VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Financial Advisor for VTA Publications. VTA Publications, which is located in the United Kingdom, published distance learning material about the financial markets and investing. The information that they publish is written by Jim Hunt as well as industry experts from around the globe. Additionally, VTA Publications is an event organizer for specialty financial genres.

With VTA Publications, Jim Hunt seeks to inform investors how to make money regardless of market conditions. He also operates an active YouTube channel where he discusses his latest investments and this methodology behind the trades he makes. His YouTube videos are targeted towards the average investor and so don’t require knowing any financial industry technical jargon in order to understand what he is talking about.

Some of Hunt’s YouTube videos are part of his “How To Make Mum A Millionaire” where he showed how he would make his mother a millionaire in just 10 trades on vtapublications.co.uk. He said that all he needed to do was start with a thousand pounds and then double it with each trade; that adds up to 1 million pounds.

Hunt spent most of his career in the banking industry. He
founded his firm as a way to show people how banks really operate, and it’s not in the interests of its customers on dumbfunded.co.uk. He decided to show people how they could handle their own portfolios instead of relying on the banks.

He has said one thing that really interests him lately is what’s happening in the biotechnology industry on vtapublications.co.uk. He has been following industry news and says that there will be medical breakthroughs happening over the next twenty years that will astound people. Another thing Hunt is interested in is human psychology, which he says is useful for him to study as, his being an entrepreneur, he seeks to figure out what people have a problem with so he can provide a solution to it.

OSI Group Is A Longtime Business Run In Family-Like Fashion

Whenever you sit down to enjoy a burger at McDonalds or a nice thick cheesy slice of pizza at Pizza Hut, you can thank a company named OSI Group for being able to do so.

OSI Group is one of the chief meat suppliers to restaurant chains across the US and even the world though it also does so through other companies that have retained their household name. What’s made OSI Group special is not only the quality of its meats but also the way it runs its business.

OSI Group treats its employees like family, the philosophy that the company was built on. Even its executives have been seen coming to the front assembly lines in its processing plants because they want to make sure their employees are taken care of. In fact, OSI Group has done such an amazing job looking out for its employees that it boasts of one of the highest retention rates of any company out there. But OSI Group is also active in local community philanthropies including the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The company was originally a butcher shop that Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant to Chicago founded back in 1909. He and his family worked hard to keep the shop running and over time it became a thriving company. First named Otto & Sons, the company became partners with the McDonalds Corporation in 1955 and supplied most of their meats. In the 1980s Sheldon Lavin was appointed CEO and soon the company began opening up plants overseas in addition to the major processing centers owned in Chicago. They also acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe just a few years ago.

Sam Tabar takes up the Mantle of Serving as COO of FullCycle Energy Fund

The FullCycle Energy Fund has officially appointed Sam Tabar as its COO. Tabar will be in charge of managing the company’s fund growth strategy. He will also supervise the firm’s day-to-day operations and employees.

Tabar’s views

In his acceptance speech, Sam Tabar commended the FullCycle Energy Fund and voiced his happiness for earning such a prestigious nomination. He promised to work in full co-operation with the senior leadership team to achieve the firm’s foundation mission of shifting from expensive, polluting fuels to cost efficient and eco-friendly fuels. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://angel.co/sam-tabar

Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar has spent a significant part of his career as a hedge fund manager. He held the position of capital strategists at the Merrill Lynch. In this role, he offered targeted introductions to corporate investors such as foundations, funds of funds, endowments, pensions, and family offices.

Tabar acted as a consultant on operations issues and played a key role in building back and front office groups. He once served as a marketing co-head for Sparx Group (PMA), the biggest sovereign fund in the whole of Asia Pacific.

Sam Tabar has also held senior positions at prominent law companies such as Skadden and Schulte. He holds masters of law from high-status Columbia Law School and an honors BA from the globally renowned Oxford University.

He managed to balance between his law classes and editing the Columbia Business Law Journal. Currently, he is registered as a lawyer in the New York State. Tabar is one of the earliest private venture capitalists to invest in Tribute and SheThinx, a firm that has re-established the feminine hygiene sector with a social goal to empower women worldwide.

FullCycle Energy Fund

Established in 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund finances and own projects, which transforms the humans’ relationship with waste by turning costly environmental issues into a clean, essential fuel that can be utilized to power communities across the globe.

The firm’s mission is put a significant amount of money in retrofit traditional and modern generation plants. The hiring of Tabar is part of FullCycle’s plan to recruit top talents that can make tangible impacts in the society and spearhead its mission.

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Beverly Hills Auto Group-Making Dreams a Reality

If you think it’s just a pipe dream for you to own your own BMW-it’s not. Let Beverly Hills Auto Group get you into your dream car! They don’t have overly pushy salespeople and you can even get financed in as little as three simple steps. Buying a used BMW has its advantages-you won’t lose a lot of value due to rapid depreciation and your insurance rates may even be lower. You can also get the car you really want while you still stick to your budget.

Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you the car that suits your needs and you can even bring in your own mechanic to check out the car you want, because at Beverly Hills Auto Group-they are confident in their cars. They will do right by you and want you to be a happy and satisfied customer. Give Beverly Hills Auto Group a try.


Reading is Fundamental For Fabletics Fashion

People with a new interest in fashion might want to look up information. However, when they take an interest in fashion, they would find themselves looking at different stores to see which ones offer items that they personally like. However, when they find stores that are more to their style, then they might want to read up on it. Fabletics is one of those stores that try to offer styles to everyone. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to read up on as much they can find on the store as possible.


One of the reasons that it is important to read up on Fabletics is that it is a much different store from all of the other stores. For one thing, this is a subscription service that requires a monthly fee. However, this type of subscription can be skipped for a month. Therefore, it is important for people to read about all of the procedures that go into signing up for the service and skipping a payment for the month that the subscription is not going to be used. This will save them on a lot of the confusion that could come with services like these.


One good thing about Fabletics is that it allows people to put together any type of style they want with athletic clothing. When looking at the new items that are available, women have been more than impressed with the styles that are shown. More impressive is that the types of clothes that are displayed are shown in more than one angle so that one can get a look at every inch of the clothing.


Fabletics makes sure that it fully discloses everything people need to know about the business. People who read all of the needed information about Fabletics are going to enjoy it the most because they will not leave any room for any major surprises.


Philanthropist and Activist Adam Milstein

Israeli-born real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader Adam Milstein recently gave an interview in IdeaMensch, an online entrepreneurial community, where he talked about his work as Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties.

Hager Pacific Properties invests in and manages high-value real estate properties across the United States, including industrial, retail, multi-family, and office locations. Their entire portfolio is worth nearly $2 billion.

Milstein said that the idea for Hager Pacific originally began when he graduated from college and started out as a real estate commercial broker.

“Before graduating, many people came to campus recruiting for jobs. I realized they didn’t appreciate my life experience, knowledge, etc.,” he explains. “They were offering me less than what undergrad students were making. I decided to go out on my own.”

In addition to serving as Managing Partner at Hager Pacific, Milstein is also a well-known pro-Israel activist. With his wife, Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which seeks to support and strengthen Jewish organizations, the State of Israel, and the ties that young Jewish people and professionals have to Israel.

Adam Milstein is also co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also serves on the Los Angeles board of Birthright Israel, a foundation that works with local Jewish communities and Israel to fund trips to Israel for young adults.

His philanthropic mission is based on three pillars: Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact, and Philanthropic Synergy. This approach is borne out in the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation’s work.

The Foundation invests both personally and professionally in all projects; provides funding to organizations that have continual contact with their audiences over a lifetime; and funding and guidance for philanthropic organizations to achieve their full potential.

Milstein tells IdeaMensch that he stays productive while juggling a full schedule by practicing consistency and persistency. He also uses Constant Contact, an email marketing tool, to manage his contacts and schedule emails.

“[Don’t set] specific goals,” Milstein tells IdeaMensch, “Don’t listen to criticism.”

Milstein regularly posts on Twitter @AdamMilstein advocating in support of Israel and its ties to the West, and against anti-Semitism.

Learn more about more Adam Milstein: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-milstein/its-not-just-about-israel_b_8861508.html

3 Motivational Lessons From Jason hope In Arizona

If there is one man that embodies the qualities of achievement and success it is Jason Hope. Perhaps one of the wealthiest men in the world on a mission to change the world, he has many lessons to share. Read further and decide for yourself if these 3 motivational lessons can be of any use in your life.

As quoted by Jason Hope, “keep your mind open and one eye focused”. This is hardly a an original idea however, it has given him a net worth of $50,000,000! Buddhist monks, athletes, soldiers and ambitious politicians all have one thing in common. They have an incredible ability to concentrate intently on a goal. Sustained long enough, all of the mind and body’s resources are directed to accomplish a single idea. That individual would be said to be highly focused. A quality that helps a person persevere in the face of obstacles and fears.

Read more about Jason Hope: @jasonhope

Although not obvious, Jason believes that a healthy dose of doubt can be a powerful motivator. While others cringe at the feeling of it, Jason embraces doubt. Hope uses it as fuel to empower his career and life’s work As a matter of fact his passion for philanthropy would not have lasted without this quality. In his own words “entrepreneurs always have a healthy sense of doubt”. If people are telling you that your idea is too dangerous, expensive or silly then great! They are motivating you to realize your goals if you are open to them or are simply reflecting your own fears back to you, so that you can transform them.

Take a look at all the most influential people and what they all have in common. They have charisma, magnetism and a charm that draws people in like a moth to a flame. CEO’s, politicians seducers and actors all work to refine this quality. With Jason Hope being an idealist charisma comes natural to him. The man comes up with an idea and before you know it thousands of people are showing praise and enthusiasm. Basically, work to become charismatic and your success will skyrocket.

Jason Hope is an idealist, philanthropist and a man with a vision. He has become one of the most wealthiest people in the world and his success can be attributed to a few qualities. Maybe you are ambitious and looking for the right motivation. Simply remind yourself that focus, doubt, and charisma help to create success and you will be well on your way to the life of your dreams.

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Julie Zuckerberg, the Globally Renowned Recruitment Specialist

Julie Zuckerberg’s Distinct Accomplishments


Julie Zuckerberg had attained several praiseworthy accomplishments that had led to her high expertise in talent acquisition. Her career and personal achievements had shaped her into the recruitment expert she is today. Her first accomplishment was becoming specialized in life cycle recruitment skill on an executive level. This resulted in the formation of several valuable networks between Zuckerberg and key figures like experienced paralegals, managing directors, lawyers and compliance officers. This had guided her into devising strategies and gaining a confident persona that would help her secure prestigious corporate positions in major companies. Working for major corporations had helped her develop a strong talent for recruiting the best candidates for her reputed clients. She was able to recruit the most competent professionals through the use of social media platforms as well as her personal networking skills in the physical world. She used her networking skills to connect with hiring directors with whom she consulted and devised talent recruitment strategies. On a professional sense, she achieved countless respectable roles within some of the top organizations. Her career was active for quite a lengthy time in those organizations. One of her highest achievements is being able to continue a lengthy career at Citibank. Throughout her career, she had attained respectable positions like the Director of Candidate Placement, Vice President and her current role as the Executive of Talent Acquisition Lead of Deutsche Bank. Her current role gives her the opportunity to authorize the appropriate placements of the most capable candidates within some of the best international organizations. Deutsche Bank also provides her the opportunity to coach recruitment teams and staffs so that they can also perform the duties of a recruiter suitably.


Professional History of Julie Zuckerberg


Julie Zuckerberg’s career had begun at Hudson in the November of 2002. There she fulfilled her duties of conducting candidate placements for some of the top law firms and legal professionals as the Director of Candidate Placement. In the October of 2007, she had started working for the financial enterprise, Citi Global as the Executive Recruiter and Vice President. From 2013, she served the roles of a Senior Hire Recruiter and Vice President for the New York Life Insurance Company. Finally, she moved onto working at Deutsche Bank as the Vice President and Executive recruiter of talent acquisition from the April of 2014. After fulfilling her foremost roles at Deutsche Bank, she was promoted to her current role.


Leisure Pursuits and Societal Engagements of Julie Zuckerberg


Julie Zuckerberg is an active citizen who frequently shows interest and engages in volunteer work. She volunteers to enhance societal issues related to science and technology, arts and culture, civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, human rights and animal welfare. Zuckerberg has a heartfelt interest in animals, particularly Persian cats one of which she has in her personal life. Photography is another one of her profound passion that is evident on her Twitter and Pinterest social media accounts. On her social media accounts, she can often be seen sharing beautiful photographs of her Persian pet cat and scenic destinations from her travels as well as daily life. She enjoys baking as well and cheesecakes are heard to be one of her specialties.

Brian Bonar – A Genius Mind

Brian Bonar is known as an accomplished fiance executive and leader within multiple companies and organizations. He is unique in his path to success by connecting his technical knowledge as an engineer with the creative mind of an architect.

Brian is located in San Diego and is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Dalrada Financial. The company’s prime objective is to provide their clients with business process outsourcing, financial services and products, benefit and insurance. Brian has found great success within Dalrada being called a wonderful and helpful colleague. He has a passion to create effective teams to deliver results that build clients trust and it shows in his reputation.

Brian Bonar is also a leader within the company Trucept, Incorporated. This company is driven to provide businesses with solutions by completing tasks for them. These tasks include assisting in executing their payroll, human resource administration, and employee benefits. These tasks are completing by Trucept, yet the company still adheres to the values of the companies they are servicing. Trucept also provides long term and temporary staffing.

Brian has years of proven excellence in business. He was employed with IBM as a procurement manager. He later went on to become the Director of Engineering for QMS managing over 100 other staff members. After multiple of overseeing other workers in various work places, he started his own company called Bezier Systems.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is not only a successful financial expert, but he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with other hopefuls and professionals alike. Bonar has been recognized in the Cambridge Who’s Who of American in 2000. He was awarded their Finance “Executive of the Year” Award for his great contributions in the industry.

Bonar is truly a genius in his own right and is an individual to be inspired by. His story is one of resilience, strength, and courage and is a gem to anyone looking to further themselves in business.

Auto Refinancing and How Ignition Financial Can Help You

Auto refinancing is a popular strategy used by many car owners to repay their current car loans through different lenders who offer lower APR. The other potential advantages of refinancing your auto loan include an opportunity to attract lower monthly payments and change your loan term duration. Refinancing will lower your monthly car payment by reducing the new interest rate or extending the loan repayment period. It is important to note that the average new car interest rate fell by over 1.4 percentage point to 4.47% in 2012 from a high of 6.04% in March 2011.


The changes in the loan term duration as a result of refinancing, means your new car loan will attract low monthly payments over a longer duration. The loan repayment period may also be reduced, if you make higher monthly payments. This is especially true if you want to pay off your car loan sooner. You can also use this loan repayment instrument to add or remove a co-signer for your loan. This opportunity is always available, because every new auto refinancing loan comes with a new contract.


Auto Refinancing To Do List

When you choose to refinance your car loan, there are several things you need to look out for to avoid making mistakes that may end up costing you dearly over the long term. Here are things you need to pay attention to:

  • Make sure your new loan application or contract features exact name as the one appearing in your current loan.
  • You must have proper and complete vehicle information such as vehicle VIN number, vehicle year, make and model.
  • Check your credit scores before signing a new refinancing contract. If you have a good credit score, you will attract a lower refinancing rate. You can obtain your credit score online from sites such as Experian.com or TranUnion.com.
  • If you need the input of a lender, the refinancing amount should be over $7,500
  • Note that the lender will not allow you to borrow an amount that is more than the value of your car


Finding a Car Refinancing Lender

When choosing a lender to refinance your car, look at the interest rates offered by various lenders. Depending on how much money you are willing to part with, the lower the rate of interest charged, the more affordable the loan will be to repay. There are many auto refinancing experts and companies that are always ready to help you refinance your car loan. Ignition Financial experts will match you with lenders, who offer competitive interest rates and flexible loan repayment terms.


The company also offers a loan calculator that you can use to adjust the terms and down payments to determine what payment is right for you. I am a salesman who received great assistance from the company because I was able to slash my payments and overall monthly bills in a single move. To get in touch with the car experts at Ignition call (713)375-0355 or visit the company website at ignitionfinanacial.org.